Clinton, New York

Welcome to The Path at Sunset Hill

The Path was created to be a meditative outdoor environment that celebrates transformation, and to comfort those who are experiencing life changes.

The Path weaves together many elements, including woods, open spaces, a bridge, a shelter and a labyrinth. The labyrinth is an ancient symbol that crosses all cultures and religions. It symbolizes a journey.

Near the labyrinth is a small shelter. The floor of this shelter is composed of brick pavers, which can be engraved in commemoration of a special person, family or event. The funds raised by the sale of these pavers will provide for the continuing care of The Path and the cemetery itself. To purchase a celebratory or memorial paver, click here.

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Everyone's journey through life is unique, yet we all experience similar challenges from time to time. Many people find walking soothing, healing and fun. The Path is a place where anyone can walk and reflect during times of change - both joyful and sorrowful. As you follow The Path, you may think about what it means to you.

The Clinton Cemetery Association, Inc. is a "501 (c)" organization,
and gifts to it are fully deductible per "170 (c) (5)."


  • A map of The Path
  • The Path Bridge
  • Flowers along the path
  • Walking the labryinth
  • The Path
  • The Shelter
  • The stream
  • Through the woods


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The Path at Sunset Hill The Labyrinth at Sunset Hill